Wholly-Owned Subsidiaries

China Hi-Tech Jiangsu Education Development Co.Ltd. 

In August 2017, China Hi-Tech Jiangsu Education Development Co., Ltd. was established in Suzhou Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District. The company upholds professional, innovative and earnest working philosophy and gives full play of the group’s resources and advantages in education, science & technology, talents and information to provide institutional clients with scientific educational innovation, educational training, educational operations services in a systematic, scientific and value-adding way. The company is committed to become a professional provider of innovative and differentiated management solutions.


Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industrial Co., Ltd. 

Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industrial Co., Ltd. is the pioneer of the new urban education industrial park, which serves the national "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" strategy and focuses on building an entrepreneurship and innovation platform. On the basis of integrating abundant resources of university shareholders, the company explores to introduce their high-quality expertise and scientific research results to education industrial parks. By providing educational innovation services that integrate infrastructure, channel platforms and financial support, and actively collaborating with China Hi-Tech Group's endogenous business strategy, the company will realize the scale effect of the education industry and further serve local social and economic development.


China Hi-Tech Guorong Jiangsu Education Technology Co.Ltd. 

China Hi-Tech Guorong Jiangsu Education Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou Industrial Park. The company actively supports the national development strategies of “boosting the development of strategic emerging industries with mobile Internet, intelligent manufacturing, big data, artificial intelligence and virtual reality as core areas”. It keeps pace with the construction and development of new engineering, provides vocational education institutions and higher education institutions with comprehensive university-enterprise cooperation solutions, including joint development of schools and disciplines, practical training system development, and international cooperation. Through the innovative approach of industry-education integration, the company aims to provide inter-disciplinary talents who are equipped with innovative spirits, theoretical competence and practical capabilities. Meanwhile, the company is committed to independently researching and developing products and establishing system for industrial robot technologies, data science and big data, artificial intelligence and many other strategic emerging industries.

Shenzhen Hi-Tech Guorong Educational Information Technology Co.Ltd. 

Devoted to Chinese educational informatization field and aiming at building up the integration of smart education, Shenzhen Hi-Tech Guorong Educational Information Technology Co., Ltd. leverages informatization means by using cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data, mobile Internet, VR and other technologies for the purpose of becoming a comprehensive smart educational solution provider that promotes education reform and development, and assists institutions in improving their modern management level.

Shanghai Grandeur Investment Fund Management Co. Ltd. 

Shanghai Grandeur Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in fund business. By cooperating with external institutions, it provides financial support for Industrial, academic and research integration and assists China Hi-Tech Group's business development in the education industry.