Partially-owned Subsidiaries

Guangxi Yingteng Education & Technology Co. Ltd.

Founded in 2005, Guangxi Yingteng Education & Technology Co., Ltd. is an Internet company focusing on medical education. Currently, the company’s mobile platform for professional medical education provides services spanning vocational qualification, title promotion, continuing education and skill training. By using mobile Internet, big data and cloud computing technologies, the company provides comprehensive solutions for medical and healthcare industry. It aims to promote fair sharing of medical education resources, effectively elevate the overall competence of medical and healthcare staff, and push forward informational progress of China’s medical education.


Hi-Tech MOOC (Beijing) Education & Technology Co. Ltd.

Founded in 2007, Hi-Tech MOOC (Beijing) Education & Technology Co., Ltd., is a leading online education service provider in China. The company operates two MOOC platforms which are TopU for vocational education and CHINESE MOOCS.